How To Deal With Anxiety In Children

Anxiety is not limited to only adults, but even children are equally vulnerable to various anxiety-related symptoms. While it is simpler to ascertain an anxiety disorder in adults, children could be left in limbo because of a gap in understanding symptoms.Unfortunately, not availing treatment options usually worsens the symptoms. Hence, it does augur well to get to know the symptoms for managing children’s anxiety problems. Let’s take a look at various anxiety disorders that may affect children and their apparent signs. Let understand some ways of dealing with the kid’s anxiety.

Dealing with anxiety in children

Be calm yourself

tfgxcvvhbIt is important for the parents to calm themselves. Otherwise, it will be difficult to soothe the child. Most of the parent’s start getting tense them, which only aggravates the situation instead of controlling it. Seeing the parents stressed, a child always has a tendency to feel anxious himself. But when the parents are calm and show a reassuring posture, the child feels safe.

Share an experience of your own

If you have ever experienced anxiety there before, try to narrate a story to the child about the same feelings that you had experienced. This will give the child some assurance that people other than him are also subjected to that kind of feelings. Children become healthier if they see that their loved ones have also gone through the same trouble as them.

Assure that their feelings are real and that they can cope with them

Validating that their feelings are real and they will be able to deal with them can help reduce stress. Since what they feel is real and not fictitious, it is always important to make them believe that such feelings occur. Your words of reassurance can change their perception of life and can give an entirely new meaning to the child dealing with anxiety. The best method to help children overcome their fear is not by eliminating its existence but by building a strong coping mechanism.

Help the child relax

dfsdcgvhbIt’s important to make a child understand that he is not facing the challenge all alone. His friends and family are there to assist him in overcoming the situation. You can assure the child by saying that it is like a baseball game. Every player is important to score the winning run. Similarly, being a part of the team can help fight anxiety and overpower it. Breathing techniques can assist in feeling relaxed.

Help the child counter his overpowering thoughts

Instead of shying away from anxious thoughts, assist the child to stand up to it. Help the child to understand that the little voice inside his head unleashing unproductive thoughts is nothing but a devil trying to ruin all the fun. Make the child think of right things that will defy the negative voice of the devil so that it gets weak and does not bother him again.