Selecting the best christening gift

Christening refers to a blissful occasion that counts too among the most significant ceremonies in a child’s life. On this hopeful event, people bring numerous presents for the newborn. Although the young one fails to understand the importance of these christening presents, presenting gifts is considered a traditional way to celebrate this unique occasion. Now, if you are among the invitees, selecting the best personalised christening gift is the only thing you can do.

Things to consider in order to select the best christening gift

1) Personalized Expanding Bracelet

122bbThis is the perfect Christening gift, both elegant and thoughtful. As it expands, the recipient will be able to cherish it forever. This is available from a few select retailers and will cost between £30-£45. With a higher price tag, this is a more premium gift; but it will certainly be worth the smile on the day.

2) Christening Day Certificate Holder

A very topical gift considering the event is a Christening. This is the perfect gift for a close about by the parents, and it is better to ask first to ensure the parents haven’t bought one themselves. This is available from many online retailers, with a price tag. A meaningful gift which shows you care.

3) Christening Tree Prints

These are fabulous items, and you might not have ever seen one before. A family tree, often made up of fingerprints, depicting the recipient’s family and including the baby right at the top. This present always makes a great impression and is quite affordable too.

4) ‘My Christening’ Photo Frame

233xxA more standard gift which you might have already thought about – the photo frame! This generic gift can be highly customized to make something special and unique. For example, by engraving the baby’s name onto the front, and adding an image of yourself with the baby – this will show you have put thought into the present. A variety of retailers sells these between £20-60 depending on the level of customization you require.

5) Personalized Hooded Robe

The parents might already have a robe, but if not this is the perfect gift for a Christening. It might be worth asking the parents before making a purchase, just to be sure! This item can be found from a variety of retailers and is sold between £30-£50. Make sure you select a few sizes above new-born, this is standard and will just make the baby look even more adorable!

You will find something both beautiful and meaningful from these interesting ideas. Good luck.