The Features Of The Lay-Z Spa

The majority of individuals who are using Lay-Z are thrilled for it ease of use, low priced, durable construction and overall relaxing and rejuvenating experience. With the features it contains or offers, it is quite economical. A person can easily get into a Lay-Z-Spa by just stepping over the side, and steps are not needed. It is an inflatable hot tub being portable can be moved inside when the weather is harsh and cold. The following are the some of the aspects that define Lay-Z spa;


Water temperature and heat controls

jjhjhjhjhbbvvxAt least twenty hour or about two to three degrees Fahrenheit per hour is the amount of time it takes Lay-Z spa to reach the desired temperature. 104 degrees Fahrenheit is the maximum water temperature setting. It is recommended that an individual should use the hot tub outside when the outdoor temperature is less than 40 Fahrenheit since it will destroy the unit.


The installation of Lay-Z spa is relatively simple if a person follows instructions which are documented on an instructional DVD which goes through the complete installation step by step. As long as the selected space can support the weight of the tub, it can locate indoors or outdoors. An included ground cloth is placed under the spa before the inflation is done. The pump is plugged into a regular power source of 110V or 120V and let it inflate. To ensure the hot tub is inflated to the proper pressure, a pressure gauge is inserted. The recommended pressure is 1.2 psi.

Water filling and draining

The water is full in the hot tub by a standard garden hose and time taken approximately an hour and fifteen minutes. The water level should fall between the two lines which are marked MIN and MAX. Place the cover on the spa when the process of heating commences and secure it with clips around the sides of the bath. The temperature display between Fahrenheit and Celsius can be changed. Draining is accomplished when a garden hose is hooked, and the valve is released inside the tub. It is recommended after draining the spa refill it very quickly.

Water testing

kjkjjkjkkjkjnnbThe water in the spa should be kept tested and the correct chemicals should be used is an essential consideration to be considered. The chances of getting sick or experiencing chemical burns are eliminated. On a daily basis the water filter should be changed or rinsed, and the testing should be done on a weekly basis. Chemicals such as bromine or chlorine and water testing product will be needed to be purchased by the owner or an individual.